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Doctor and Patient

About Us

North State Medical Group is an independently owned primary care practice. Our Doctors, Susane and Gerald Ahigian moved to Denver over 20 yrs ago from San Diego, California and have over 25 years of practice. During that time, in California, managed care was taking over, and many of the changes were not conducive to good patient care. The Drs. Ahigian wanted to start their own private practice which was outside the realm of these managed care constraints. Upon moving to Denver, they found and remodeled an small older house into the office originally known as Westport Family Medical Center. Over the subsequent years, they expanded into a new, more spacious facility. They have embraced this community with open arms and had extended evening hours, Saturday hours, they saw urgent and emergent problems, as there were no emergency rooms in the immediate Denver area. They were able to take care of the whole family from attending newborn births and newborn care in the hospital to nursing

home care. After long office hours, they would round on their patients in the hospitals, CMC-Main, Mercy and Presby downtown, and Lincoln Medical Center.


Dr Susane’s family members are also physicians. Dr. Neveen Habashi, an Internist and Intensive Care Specialist along with her husband, Dr. Claude Falls, a General/Plastic Surgeon soon followed to Lincolnton.  Dr. Maher Habashi, an Orthopedist and Patriarch of the family, soon after relocated to Lincolnton himself. These individual practices combined and recruited additional Physicians and became North State Medical Group. After many years, these practices have remained North State Medical Group, PA and North State Medical Goup – Lincolnton. 


Dr. Susane and Gerald Ahigian have seen many changes in the landscape of the medicine in their 23+ years of private practice.  They hold firmly to the belief in their independence for private practice, despite the enormous pressure to sell out to big business. They feel strongly that they need to get to know their patients, and spend time with them to help them in their various needs. They continue to delivered what is now termed “concierge” medicine with out the additional price tag. Patients are not treated as numbers,  but as individuals. They care about their patients and always do their best for them. I know this to be the case, as I have worked for them almost the entire time they’ve practiced here.

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